Find the Best Covered Calls – Foolproof Investment Options to Earn Extra Income

Stock investors and traders are always looking for new ways to generate income off of owned stocks. In today’s time and age, savvy investors and traders are implementing various strategies so they become more profitable. Some of these include investing in penny stocks. Another popular method is to buy stocks while their prices are low and then sell once their values increase. However, forguaranteed income traders and investors should opt for the best covered calls. Aside from guaranteeing income, individuals can further increase their chances of generating more profits through the help of a reliable covered call screener.

Before we go into detail on why covered calls should be any investor’s priority, let us first take a closer look into penny stocks and the method of buying low and selling high.

Penny stocks

Penny stocks are small cap stocks that are available for low prices. They can be purchased through regular stockbrokers and major exchanges. One of the main reasons why many stock traders and investors go for these options is because of their volatility. A lot of people believe that they can luck out on stocks that will jump significantly in price in just a couple of weeks. This has happened a lot of times already, which has attracted the attention of investors. However, they can be risky, as they are low in liquidity and they often have poor reporting standards.

Buy low, sell high

Another strategy that many stock traders and investors use is to simply buy stocks while their prices are low and then sell them once their prices increase. The potential payoff is quite considerable; however, there are still risks wherein it might take a long time before prices increase significantly.

Covered calls

Now that you know more about the popular methods commonly used in the stock market, let us discuss covered calls and how these are the most foolproof investment ventures for those looking for extra income. There are many reasons as to why an individualshould choose covered calling instead of the aforementioned options.

One of the best reasons to sell covered calls is because this will give the seller fixed monthly revenue. If an individualis interested in a particular stock and would like to hold on to it, he or she will enjoy extra cash as its value increases. Additionally, these covered calls can also be a form of cash cow that will provide income that a buy-and-hold investor cannot enjoy despite increasing value.

Mastering the strategy behind covered call writing allows individuals to enjoy the highest returns. These returns are significantly higher compared to many of the other low-risk strategies available in the stock market. Sellers also have more control over the outcome of their activities. In a nutshell, these call options provide individuals with effective means to enhance gains, mitigate losses and risks, and deal with any type of scenario.

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